In Home Health Care in Portland, Oregon

Understanding In Home Health Care

In-home care involves many services that focus around individuals in need of support so that they can remain in their home. The services provided can assist an aging person who is in need of extra support in order to continue living on their own, can help in the recovery process, manage issues that are chronic, and assist those with disabilities or need special care.

Having a Portland, Oregon in-home health care provider is a great asset and is able to provide care that is both temporary and continuous. The amount of care provided depends a lot on how much need the individual is in need of.

Home Care Starts At Home

Having in-home health care can lead to great quality of life. It can also provide a high amount of independent living, safety, and feeling secure. It can also manage a condition that is ongoing and can prevent the need for a hospital stay. In-home health care can help speed up the recovery process.  This is what makes in-home care so great because of the comfort it is able to help maintain.  In-home care can involve the following:

  • Providing a companion
  • Services involving rehabilitation and therapy
  • Assisting with activities of daily living
  • Direct nursing care
  • Fall Prevention by ensuring a safe environment
  • Meal assistance
  • Medication assistance
  • Dementia care
  • Alzheimer’s Care

In-home Care

Providers of in-home care are all different and the services they provide will vary upon the type of care services needed. As the patient in need of care, you are able to have it custom made for each need. If you need a multitude of care, then you may see more than one care provider. You should contact a care provider to go over each of the needs you require so that you achieve the best care possible.

Although there are a variety of in-home care methods possible, the goal they share is common and that is to ensure the individual remains as independent and happy as possible while receiving care and supplying families with peace of mind.

Providing Companionship and Personal Care

Both companionship and personal care allow for the help of activities that occur on a daily level such as cooking, cleaning, showering, and getting dressed in a safe manner.

The services provided through in-home companionship and personal care involve:

  • Being there for the individual and engaging with them
  • Helping make meals, cleaning the home, medication assistance, and conducting errands
  • Supervising Alzheimer and dementia clients
  • Assisting with grooming, toilet, shower, and bath
  • Ensuring a safe environment at all times

Short-Term In-Home Health

Receiving short-term home health is directed by a physician and designed to help in the recovery from an injury or illness.

When in-home health is short-term, it will often include nurses making a visit, skilled care, and other health care services that are certified by Medicare.

Services provided through short-term in-home health involves the following:

  • Skilled care by a nursing aid
  • Social services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech language pathology
  • Physical therapy

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